The Daphne Search and Rescue Unit was organized in 1974 in response to the drowning of a local fisherman in Mobile Bay.

 Concern grew due to the delayed response to this tragedy by rescue organizations from other towns. Some members  of the Daphne Volunteer Fire Department responded by organizing their own rescue team.

The team originally provided surface land and water rescue services to Daphne. Team members used their own personal boats and equipment when responding to calls for help. As our reputation grew, the team found that there a was need for our services beyond the borders of Daphne.

Building on this early success, the Daphne Search and Rescue Unit, Inc. was formally incorporated as an independent organization on April 9th, 1976. In the late 1970's, the team began to provide public safety underwater search and recovery services.

Today, the team responds in an area of approximately 300 square miles of waterways including the northern half of Mobile Bay and the Five Rivers delta system. We also provide land search and rescue services for Daphne, AL. The team has responded to calls from as far as New Orleans, Tuscaloosa and the Florida panhandle. We continue to provide mutual aid responses to any public safety organization that requests us.

We rely heavily on donations to cover the expense of rescue operations and training. We conduct operations in any conditions and have many members who are trained in advanced rescue operations.

Since 2010, the team has grown to as many as 32 active volunteers. Each volunteer brings new ideas and skills to the team which allows us to provide the best service to the community that we can offer. We have also been graciously awarded with the Impact 100 grant in 2016, this enabled us to acquire a new underwater sonar system which could accurately display tiny details along the floor of any body of water.  Since the acquisition of this new sonar system, we have been asked by many departments across the South Eastern region of the US to bring it in to assist with underwater search and recovery operations.

History of Daphne Search & Rescue

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Daphne Search & Rescue