The Daphne Search and Rescue team is a non profit organization, we don’t charge for our services to any person or agency. Our volunteers dedicate their time from their personal lives to help when the needs arise and most of our tangible assets are generously donated by the city, members, other agencies, or through grants.

To us, our donors and our community are our biggest stakeholders. We strive to meet the needs of any situation which puts life in danger; we work relentlessly to ensure that all human life is preserved, or to help loved ones find closure.

In order to do this, we often research new technologies and try to invest in affordable solutions for situations, but sometimes the tools that offer more efficiency are unattainable unless we have outside help.

Our Kongsberg Sonar system is one such example, it’s an industrial sonar system which typically can only be purchased by large industrial or government organizations, however many rescue teams have no access to such equipment and rely on older or less efficient ways to conduct underwater searches. The Impact 100 organization grant allowed us to purchase this equipment and put it to use in numerous searches within the first 3 years of ownership. Searches that would normally take hours can now be completed in minutes; in the world of public safety, seconds can make a significant difference in outcomes.

We ask that those of you who are able to donate anything, we would greatly appreciate anything donated.

For donations, please contact us through the contact page or by using paypal for monetary donations

Donations and why they are important to us

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