The Daphne Search and Rescue team is a non profit organization so we don’t charge for our services to any person or agency. Our volunteers dedicate their time from their personal lives to help when the needs arise and most of our tangible assets are generously donated by the city, members, other agencies, or through grants.

To us, our donors and our community are our biggest stakeholders. We strive to meet the needs of any situation we respond to. In order to do this, we often research new technologies and try to invest in affordable solutions for situations, but sometimes the tools that offer more efficiency are unattainable unless we have outside help.

We appreciate any donations.

Donations and why the are important to us

A special thanks to one of our members, Mrs. Judy, for many years of volunteering, excellent food and donating an E-350 Ambulance (pictured) to the team. Mrs Judy will be missed by many.

Daphne Search and Rescue would like to acknowledge the support of the following organizations, individuals, and other benefactors.

Tony’s Towing for annual contributions.

Webmaster shout out to Tony for getting me and the Winnebago back home from Meridian on NYE.

The City of Daphne has been generous enough to let us use this property and building for more years than anyone can recall, but we truly appreciate the city allowing us to use the property, utilities, fuel, and city garage for repairs throughout the years. Without the generosity of the city we’d have no place of business. Also for giving us a newer F-350 around 2009 to replace our old 1988 F-250

St. Paul's Episcopal Church of Daphne for annual contributions

Impact 100 Grant (2015) which allowed us to purchase a new underwater 360° sonar system which has been instrumental in hundreds of underwater searches since purchase.

Carolina Skiff donated this boat to us in the early 90’s which has been our most utilized boat on almost every water mission since it was donated.

Daphne Fire department for temporary usage of facilities for business meetings and storage of some of our vehicles and equipment

Baldwin County Commission gave us this boat through a grant and we utilized it for many years until we outgrew it.

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